Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Artwork in progress...

I have been approached by a new gallery in Odense where my art will be displayed from 10th of September, so I have been very busy. In the photo above you can see the portrait of St John the baptist in the beginning stages (tracing on the wood). And below you can see some of my wood in the raw state, before it becomes Art.

I will post new photos as soon I have got all the art ready for the new gallery... so see you again after 10th of September.



  1. Lepo je što si nas "pustila" da zavirimo u tvoj radni prostor, tvoj svet...Srećan rad!Vidimo se.

  2. Good luck, girl, you're talented! Would love to see you do this iconic painting - hell, you could teach it! (aOf?) Boring, but thought if you were still looking for a job?

  3. Great blog Mirja! And exciting with another exhibition! Looking forward to see more photos of your beautiful work!
    Luv, Erika

  4. We will miss your icons here in Faaborg....

    Kisses -lise

  5. @Wakeup Your Makeup thanks Ida :D
    @Emo moj radni prostor je moja bivsa trpezarija i sto iz trpezarije :) Nadam se boljem sledece godine :)
    @Juliána will get together for a coffee as soon this is all ready and in Gallery :)
    @Erika thanks and will email you photos :)
    @Lise so kind, hope you had great summer and glad you liked having my Icons in Faaborg :)