Monday, 20 July 2009

Opening of the gallery Lind&James

Here are few photos from this weekend. It was the opening of the gallery Lind&James. There I have few of my Art works on display and for sale. Glad to have an opportunity to show something that most of the galleries Denmark don't have.

Friday, 17 July 2009

White Angel

My Icon is inspired by the most famous frescoes in Serbian culture (its also the only one in the world). It depicts an angel sitting in front of the tomb of Christ.

White Angel Serbian: Бели анђео (photo above) is a fresco from the Mileseva monastery, circa 1222-1228 AD in Serbia, Myrrhbearers on Christ's Grave (Mironosnice na Hristovom grobu).
Icon is showing the angel, dressed in white, who greeted the Myrrh-bearing women when they came to Christ's tomb. Sitting calmly, the angel of the Resurrection points out the empty tomb to the holy women, who withdrew in terror on beholding the sight. He then commanded them to tell the disciples that the Lord is risen from the dead. This famous icon is from a wall painting called in that monastery "The Holy Women at the Tomb." This monastery has frescoes by the most skillful artists of that time and belongs to a Latin period in Byzantine art.

My Icon will be in the gallery in Faaborg in Denmark from 18th of July and for price, orders or any questions please contact me.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Archangel Raphael

Last week I finished Icon of Archangel Raphael for a friend, size of the Icon is 193x70cm and its made with egg tempera, traditional way.
This will also be in the exhibition on the 18th of July. Here you are able to see some of the stages and you can imagine the time I spend creatting this. It has become almost a full time job, and it has been my dream to be an artist... so I hope this will make me or break me.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Welcome to the Byzantika Blog

Thank you for visiting the Byzantika blog and webspace. My name is Mirjana, and I am what is known as a hagiographer; that is, a person that has learned the history and methodology of depicting saints and religious themes using traditional techniques and materials. My work has been featured on national television in my home country of Serbia, and also sold in Australia. I am now living in Denmark, and set to exhibit my work here on July 18th.
The purpose of this blog is to give you, dear reader, an insight into what goes on behind the scenes... the methods, the techniques and the madness that goes on right here in the Byzantika home studio. I would be delighted to answer questions and hear your comments. Orders are welcome too!
Be well, and be sure to visit often...