Sunday, 12 July 2009

Welcome to the Byzantika Blog

Thank you for visiting the Byzantika blog and webspace. My name is Mirjana, and I am what is known as a hagiographer; that is, a person that has learned the history and methodology of depicting saints and religious themes using traditional techniques and materials. My work has been featured on national television in my home country of Serbia, and also sold in Australia. I am now living in Denmark, and set to exhibit my work here on July 18th.
The purpose of this blog is to give you, dear reader, an insight into what goes on behind the scenes... the methods, the techniques and the madness that goes on right here in the Byzantika home studio. I would be delighted to answer questions and hear your comments. Orders are welcome too!
Be well, and be sure to visit often...



  1. Dear Mirjina, I really admire people that have the talent and ability to create such pictures and wonders of art. It must take weeks to create such a picture as the "White Angel". How long do you normally spend on such a picture?
    Go ahead and lots of luck for your further exhibitions.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Dear Stephanie,

    Thank you for kind words. Time for one of the icons it's depends from size and how many details are on the Saint or background. For example Saint Raphael was about 200h or 4-6 weeks. I also work on old wood (in this case old table top) and prepare it for primer, before anything else can be done.

    If you would like more info please email me.

    Lots of regards,

  3. Marvelous work.. with sense for details needed in this kind of the art,, a sada srpski divni radovi zaista zelim ti puno uspeha i naravno odlicnu prodaju MILICA

  4. Dear Mira,
    you are truly talented and have a wonderful gift ! i love angels and byzantine art.i have joined your connection on my facebook and will share with all my friends... perhaps you could join me there on my site? good luck with the gallery and exhibition icv no doubt it will be a success. this will make you! please leave out the last part of that sentence Hugs and many blessings Heatherin western Australia.

  5. Pozdrav, Mirjana.

    Radovi su veoma lepi i imaju posebnu svetlost koja iz njih isijava.